5 Reasons to Stop Selling Skincare in the Name of Beauty

5 Reasons to Stop Selling Skincare in the Name of Beauty

Celia Tugores
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When did our own skin become a beauty accessory to our appearance? I constantly ask myself this question when I see skincare products classified as beauty.

In my early teenager years, I started caring about my skin because I didn't find it beautiful enough. I cared about it because I didn't like it and felt uncomfortable in it, I cared about it for the wrong reasons. But little did I know, there was a whole "beautifying" industry ready to target my discomfort with my skin and sell products with vague promises of beauty and confidence. A few years ago, I assisted to a poetry slam competition in Barcelona where a few verses hit me deep: "The insecurity of our girls sustains the gains of whole industries". I felt that. I felt those verses and the truth behind them, and so does many more women that once felt/or still feel discomfort with their own bodies.

Now, a bit more grown-up and informed, I wanted to take skincare back where it belongs. To our bodies and its health and wellbeing. So here are the 5 reasons on why we must stop selling skincare in the name of beauty:

1. It places your beauty and your value on external products.

Quotes like: "Welcome to a more beautiful, sexier you" or "Get clear and perfect skin in 5 steps" are just everywhere when you are looking for skincare. Brands and trends have been dictating and building what is considered beautiful (particularly to women, but we'll discuss that later). Sadly, current beauty standards are not meant to empower us. They are created to make us think we're not good enough, so we'd buy more products.

This concept of beauty works so well with consumerism because their beauty ideal is unattainable, so there's always more to sell. The truth is that no product can make you more beautiful. Your beauty, your confidence and worth comes skin deep.

2. Targets insecurities to make you buy more unnecessary products.

Imagine if no one was trying to sell us any anti-cellulite, anti-stretchmarks, anti-any-type-of-texture product in the name of beauty, would we still think the same about our bodies? Would we understand it as part of our naturally textured bodies?

Beauty-oriented products aim to "beautify" so selling us products for something we might not consider beautiful becomes easier. The problem? They are unnecessary, they aren't really adding a value to our lifes. Our bodies are naturally textured. Beauty-products aren't a solution to our insecurities, quite the opposite. It makes us more conscious of parts of our body that we dislike and sinking the problem deeper.

3. Skincare is about your health and wellness.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is highly complex. It is our protective barrier and is deeply related to our brain. Did you know that the skin and the brain originate from the same embryological tissue?

Our skin's health has never been about beautifying it, it is about our health and wellness. The skin provides essential functions to your body, it regulates and protects itself, and requires from a balanced and healthy lifestyle and the necessary compounds for everything to work properly.

4. Creates a gender gap and excludes men from skincare.

It is no surprise to anyone that women are subjected to high beauty standards. Although, unfortunately, beauty standards for man are raising and more beautifying products are available for men. However, the beauty industry is still heavily targeted to women, whilst men are still encouraged to neglect their health. "Male self-care" still feels like a taboo in our societies.

If all the skincare sold to women was really necessary for the skin, it wouldn't just be made for women. At Qualia we would like to close the gender gap in skincare. We believe everyone should take care of their skin in the same way, without overwhelming it, without ignoring it.

5. It contributes to misinformation and embraces products with small scientific basis.

"Beautifying" products shift the attention far away from health, science and wellness. The amount of misinformation, contradictions and pseudoscience in skincare is extremely concerning. There is a science behind it and products and practices should have a scientific basis. If you are unsure about what to use, please visit a dermatologist for further guidance.

These are the reasons we rebel against skincare products sold in the name of beauty. Beauty is found within our bodies and minds. The cosmetic industry has exacerbated and cultivated physical insecurities, placing beauty on external sources or products. No product can make you more beautiful. At Qualia, we want to cultivate the health confidence and radiance of your innate beauty.

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