What is Double Cleansing and Who Can Benefit from It

What is Double Cleansing and Who Can Benefit from It

Celia Tugores
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You might have heard of this new double cleansing method, which basically means cleansing the skin twice. So if you are wondering whether you should do this, or how it can benefit your particular skin type, take our online skin quiz, check this guide and consider how you could benefit from double cleansing.

(Our views on skincare: We try to give honest advice on your skincare and spread a "less is more" message when it comes to using products. The skin already does all the functions products might do, and the objective when it comes to skincare should be to use as little as possible and protecting your natural skin barrier and your inner health)  

The main benefit of double cleansing is that cleansing your skin twice can help you totally remove make-up, dirt and impurities and excess skin oils from the day. It is important to remove any dirt or make-up, in order to not altern the natural balance of oils and microbes supporting your skin.

The second cleanse is supposed to targeted action for your skin type or concerns, so you can make "the most of your cleansing". But however, you should be really careful if you are using traditional face wash or cleansers, since they can strip your natural barrier, particularly if you have acne, check why in this blog post. Typically, it is commonly told to use cleansing oil for the first cleanse, and a water-based oil for the second cleanse. But there's no real need to use two different products. Water-based cleansers, moreover, might have higher chances of impairing your natural skin barrier, as your natural skin barrier has a natural affinity for high quality oils. 

Who Should Consider Double Cleansing?   

Double cleansing is important if you have been wearing make-up, SPF or produced excess oils during the day. It is important to keep your face clean from dirt or impurities that could damage the natural oil balance and microbiome of your skin. 

Consider double cleansing if: 

You Have Acne.  One of the main causes of acne is microbial invasion. Make sure to get rid of dirt and impurities that could be causing your acne. We've explained cleansing for acne in this blog post.

You Are Exposed to Air Pollution. If you have been outside all day in the middle of a city or in a polluted environment, you should consider cleansing your skin in depth. Particle pollution has been shown to induce skin barrier dysfunction and provokes the formation of ROS, which leads to oxidative damage and inflammation of the skin. (Dijkhoff et al, 2020: source: here). 

You Have Oily Skin. If you have produced an excess of oils during the day, deeply cleaning your skin can help to balance your skin. However, we recommend staying away from aggressive cleansers that can strip your natural oils and causing overproduction of sebum. Choose an oil-based cleanser which despite it being a bit counter-intuitive, it will naturally balance your skin oils. 

You Have Clogged Pores. By cleaning your skin, you can help remove dead cells and excess oils that are clogging your pores.

You Wear Make-up, SPF or other products. As we said, the main benefit of double cleansing the skin is to help totally remove any impurities and keeping the skin naturally balanced! 

What Product Can I Use to Double Cleanse?

At Qualia we make multi-use oil-based formulas that are cleansing, moisturising and balancing. Most importantly, they are also tailor-made to your skin concerns, lifestyle and environment with botanical actives. We study the medicinal uses of plants. 

Our product can be used for double cleansing the skin both times. It can deeply cleanse without altering the skin barrier or microbiome, but also bring targeted benefits so it works as a serum and cleanser at the same time! 

Our recommended use is to apply it onto damp skin and massage the skin. Use a clean and warm cloth to wipe away any residue for a deep cleanse. Reapply a few drops after and let it sink in.

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