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Can Rosehip Seed Oil Cause Acne | Qualia Botanicals

Celia Tugores
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Do you have acne and are confused whether rosehip seed oil is a good idea or not? We're here to help! We've seen so many conflicting information and misinformation when it comes to rosehip oil and acne that we've decided to talk about it so we can keep you and your skin safe 🙏 So, can rosehip seed oil cause acne? 

The answer depends on your type of acne and skin type. ❌ You should NOT use rosehip seed oil if you have very oily skin and / or you have cystic or infected acne ❌. Its use is contraindicated in phytotherapy and pharmacognosy literature. Rosehip seed oil contains compounds that might enable the proliferation of microorganisms that worsen your acne when it's infected, or when the skin is overly oily. 

So, how can you tell if you have infected acne?

Well, your acne is infected if your pimples are painful, contain pus and are larger or redder than usual pimples (because they're highly inflammed). This kind of acne is caused by a combination of excess sebum and bacteria get trapped in your pores, this is why rosehip seed oil can cause acne if your acne is infected or you have very oily skin. 

So when's a good idea to use rosehip for acne? 

Rosehip is a powerful plant that contains high levels of vitamin C and trans-retinoic acid, which both are extremely powerful and useful to prevent acne scars, hyper pigmentation and signs of ageing. 

The trans-retinoic acid in rosehip seed oil has been proven to be very effective treating normal acne and acne scars, since it reduces comedones (which means pore blockage) and inflammation. 

It's a good idea to use Rosehip Seed Oil for acne scars, mild (non-infected) acne and hyperpigmentation.  

Here at Qualia Botanicals, we make custom oil-based formulas with targeted botanical actives that help balance self-regulate your unique skin complexion. They are cleansing, moisturising and targeted so it really is the only skincare product you need (except for sunscreen, of course). 

We've had amazing results treating acne in many different cases and our customers are delighted with the simplicity of their skincare routine. Check our results treating acne for yourself!

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