5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Minimal Skincare Routine

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Minimal Skincare Routine

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Minimal skincare doesn't mean zero skincare. It's about minimising the number of products we use and truly understanding what's right for your skin. Many people still believe that using more products means taking better care of your skin, but that could not be more wrong!  

The are many risks to using multiple products for your skin, it can make your skin dependent on those products, cause imbalances on your natural skin barrier (creating oiliness/dryness issues), and make your skin more sensitive and more reactive. 

A good minimal skincare routine aims to achieve more by using less and works by actually supporting the natural functioning and biology of your skin. But what does this mean? Let's explore the five reasons why you should have a minimal skincare routine.  

1. Less waste

Starting with the environment, having a minimal routine means less waste or resources needed to maintain your skincare, which means that minimal skincare is a more sustainable and economical option. 

2. Let your skin balance itself

If you are constantly using multiple products on your skin, you are not letting your skin balance itself. Your skin is a very intelligent organ that has the ability to effectively regulate sebum production, hydration levels, self-cleansing, self-exfoliation. If we are constantly stripping off the natural oils of your skin by using multiple products on your skin, you are actually messing up with your skin's natural regulation. You might start overproducing sebum, making your skin dry and tight and constantly disrupting its functioning (check out this blog post to learn more about how traditional skincare imbalances your skin). 

3. Microbiome-friendly

Your microbiome (the trillions of organisms that live in your skin) play an ESSENTIAL role in protecting your skin. It acts as a smart, protective shield whose main function is to serve as the body's interface with the outside world. It has so many balancing and protective functioning that healthy skin would not exist without a healthy skin microbiome. 

And do you know the best way to keep your skin microbiome happy and healthy? You guessed it: using fewer products on your skin! 

4. Allows you to understand your skin,

If you are constantly using multiple products, and suddenly your skin starts breaking out, feeling sensitive, creating congestion... how can you know what caused it and what was the reason? 

Having a minimal skincare routine will help you align with your skin, understand why it feels dryer, more congested or oilier... You will start reading the signs your skin is giving you, and only by truly understanding your skin you can offer what's best for it! 

5. Break free from consumerism 

One of the best reviews we've received said: "I can finally say I am falling in love with my skin without the background anxiety of thinking should I try another mask or new treatment". 

That meant so much to us. The beauty industry has focused on selling quick fixes to the skin, that do not necessarily support your skin's best interests! Breaking free from those will make you feel empowered and liberated! 

These are our favourite reasons why you should have a minimal skincare routine. Here at Qualia we make ONE single all-purpose formula that's custom to YOU! That means you can use it to cleanse, moisturise, protect and target all your skin concerns with one balancing formula that's just right for you. Our goal is to help people achieve more with less and truly enjoy a minimal and simple skincare routine! 

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