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Main Rosacea Flare Up Triggers | Qualia Botanicals

Celia Tugores
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If you are here you probably regularly (or chronically) suffer from rosacea. It is a common inflammatory skin condition that causes redness, frequent blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels. It can also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps that can look like acne and those who suffer from it, usually also report problems with sensitive skin. As you might also know, rosacea is a reactive skin condition, which means it appears when it is triggered by the environment. So here's a list of the most common rosacea flare up triggers:

1️⃣ Alcohol, especially red wine. If you flush after your first glass of one, that is rosacea! Alcohol is a trigger for almost 76% of rosacea sufferers, according to the National Rosacea Society Survey. Over 72% of people surveyed said red wine had caused their rosacea flare up, followed by white wine (49%) and beer (42%)

2️⃣ Tobacco. Smoking can be a huge rosacea flare up trigger. Nicotine has been linked to the inflammation,  redness and visible blood vessels that are characteristic of rosacea. 

3️⃣ Spicy foods. According to the National Rosacea Society Survey, 75% of Rosacea sufferers flare up with spicy food and spices. It's likely that the rosacea flare up is triggered by the chemical capsaicin, which gives foods their spiciness. These include cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, jalapeños, tabasco and others...

4️⃣ Skincare products, especially cleansers. Many skincare products and multi-product skincare routines can be extremely damaging if you have rosacea. Cleansers strip off the natural skin barrier, damage the skin microbiome and other routines in general try to replace and overcompensate for what has been stripped away.

Click here if you're interesting in learning more about the damage of traditional skincare. I have personally have suffered massively from rosacea and skincare products were my most unexpected rosacea flare up triggers. Read my story on how I fixed my rosacea and hyper sensitive skin.

5️⃣ Stress. Severe stress and anxiety can increase inflammation as your body releases cortisol (more on how stress affects your skin in this blog post), which might rosacea flare ups if you are already prone to this skin condition. It doesn't help when we take into account that 91% of rosacea sufferers experience emotional stress due to their rosacea flare up, according to the National Rosacea Society, and from our skin quiz results, 80% is constantly exposed to stress. 

6️⃣ Cold weather.  Cool, dry air can be a trigger to half of rosacea sufferers. It's important to protect the skin during the winter, cold months, the skin gets very dry and therefore sensitive. We recommend covering up your face and 

7️⃣ Exercise. It is normal to flush a little when we exercise, but rosacea sufferers know very well that their exercise can turn into burning redness for them. We're not saying you shouldn't exercise, but just be aware it might be one of the most common rosacea flare up triggers.

8️⃣ Hot showers. A big temperature change is the worst thing for flare ups, it makes everyone flush but if you are already prone to rosacea it can severely worsen your skin. Hot showers in general pretty bad for the skin as it strips the natural protective oils of the skin and causes dehydration. 

9️⃣ Hot drinks. Do you like drinking your tea/coffe while it's still super hot? Well, it could be harming your skin. Similarly to a hot shower, a hot drink can also trigger your rosacea. Maybe next time you have a cup of tea, wait a little longer so it doesn't burn your tongue and your skin!

🔟 Corticosteroids. At first it might seem they can improve your skin, as they cause vasoconstriction. But with overuse they have the opposite effect causing vasodilation and making the skin worse. Also, whilst using corticosteroids the skin becomes more sensitive to them which can worsen this skin condition. 

I hope these were useful tips and now you know a bit better how to avoid common rosacea flare up triggers! If you'd like to learn how manage your rosacea with minimal skin products take our online skin quiz. We make custom skin formulas that protect, nourish and help the skin regulate itself. 

Our formulas for rosacea are packed with ceramides, essential fatty acids and powerful yet gentle actives that are super effective for your unique skin concerns. And the best thing? It can easily replace your face wash and virtually any other skin care products (except for sunscreen).

Personally this product took me from having the worst rosacea and sensitive skin to a glowy and balanced complexion. Hope it can help you too ❤️ Get started here

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