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Our mission and vision

We are pioneering the minimalist movement in skincare.

Too many cosmetic products are sold in the name of beauty. The result is an overwhelmed skin, a polluting and wasteful industry and a huge gender gap in skincare. That's why we are offering a gender-free complete and tailored skincare solution. Only ONE product that is both respectful to your skin and to the planet.

At Qualia we want to change how we consume and use cosmetics by reconnecting with a more natural sense of beauty, wellness and fairness to our body and environment.

  • We believe that healthy skin doesn't need multiple products. The right formula is enough for a radiant, clear skin.
  • We fight misinformation, stereotypes and gendered skincare.
  • We care about your concerns and our suppliers.
  • We want to offer a solution to free ourselves from consumerism and provide the real change our world needs.

We are Minimalist, Organic, Inclusive, Cruelty-Free, Fair-Trade and Sustainable. 

Our core values

Qualia's solution is tailored for your wellness and freedom

Customise and Reduce - Our Antidote to Mass Consumption

As we shift towards the more practical and sustainable, Qualia aims to simplify your lifestyle and reduce the number of products we use and consume. Qualia's products are highly versatile, they balance with your skin to restore the skin's health, appearance and radiance.

We listen to you and your needs and we offer a tailored formula that aims to cover your daily skincare. Overwhelming the skin with different products might be unnecessary, have adverse health effects and cause sensitisation of the skin.

 A Science and an Art

We use science to question misinformation in skin care. Qualia’s products are in between pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. We have expertise in pharmacgnosy and phytotherapy, the science that studies the medicinal uses of plants and natural sources.

We formulate with expertise, transparency and integrity with the best organic ingredients and the highest respect to your skin and environment.

We are making all possible efforts to finally let people understand what our skin really needs and fight misinformation.

Science-based formulas
Gender-free skincare

There is No Gender to Health and Wellness

Breaking the gender barriers in cosmetics is another priority in Qualia. We believe everyone should take care of their skin in the same way, without overwhelming it, without neglecting it.

You Are Beauty

Beauty is found within our bodies and minds. The cosmetic industry has exacerbated and cultivated physical insecurities, placing beauty on external sources or products. No product can make you more beautiful. At Qualia, we want to cultivate the health, confidence and radiance of your innate beauty.

You are beauty

Welcome to a new era of fairness, beauty and sustainability. Let's build a future together!