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Qualia Botanicals Founder - Celia explains the story behind Qualia Botanicals

"Way back to 2018, my skin was at its worst! My rosacea was so severe and reactiveI had tried everything but my skin only seemed to get worse. 

I was so frustrated at multiple steps routine, it felt I always needed MORE products. It was only when I started a deep research about the skin's health and inherent functions that I realised that skincare products can damage the skin barrier and microbiome

I decided to stripped back my routine to the ONLY product that worked by nourishing the skincare barrier and protecting the skin's microbiome:  An oil-based formula I started doing for myself. 

This changed EVERYTHING! My skin started to heal and progressively transformed my skin to a healthy and balanced complexion after a few months. I honestly couldn't believe it was happening!  I fell in love with the simplicity of it. I felt so empowered by using less that I had the burning passion to share it with others. 

Now, afters YEARS of skin research, and with the help of dermatologists and pharmacists, we've developed custom formulas for all sorts of skin profiles, so that every person could use just ONE product made specifically to balance their skin. 

I've found so much meaning in helping others use less, sharing what I learned, and specially, demonstrating that the skin CAN take care of itself and be the best it has ever been! 

Thank you so much for reading my story, I hope Qualia can be part of yours!

Celia Tugores 

Founder of Qualia Botanicals

Our Values

We Care.

We Simplify.

We Redesign. 

We want the future of skincare to look different from its past. Let's put a solution to consumerism, waste and bad skincare practices. Your skincare should support your skin, not replace its natural functions!

About Qualia Botanicals - Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Customise & Reduce - Our Antidote to Mass Consumption

As we shift towards the more practical and sustainable, Qualia aims to simplify your lifestyle and reduce the number of products we use and consume. Qualia's products are highly versatile, they balance with your skin to restore the skin's health, appearance and radiance.

We listen to you and your needs and we offer a tailored formula that aims to cover your daily skincare.

About Qualia Botanicals - Natural Skincare - Organic Ingredients,

Purely Botanical, Sustainable & Ethical

We have expertise in pharmacognosy and phytotherapy, the science that studies the medicinal uses of plants and natural sources.

We formulate with expertise, transparency and integrity with the best organic ingredients and the highest respect to your skin and environment.

We are making all possible efforts to finally let people understand what our skin really needs and fight misinformation.

About Qualia Botanials - Gender Gap in Skincare Should STOP

There is No Gender to Health and Wellness

Breaking the gender ga in cosmetics is another priority in Qualia. We believe everyone should take care of their skin in the same way, without overwhelming it, without neglecting it.


Qualia Botanicals - Simple and Personalised Skincare


Welcome to a new era of fairness, beauty and sustainability. Let's build a future together! Follow us on social media or send us an e-mail to connect with us. We can't wait to meet you!