• Minimalist and Custom Skincare with Qualia Botanicals. Multi-purpose oil skincare that's cleansing, moisturising and acts as a serum.

    Less Products. Radiant Skin

    Formulated Just for You

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One Formula Tailor-Made to Your Skin

Using too many products may overwhelm the skin and impair its natural barrier.

We want to help you have MORE WITH LESS.

Effective All-Purpose Skincare Targeting Your Unique Needs

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Powered by Nature, Backed by Science

We are Minimalists, Organic and Sustainable

100% Natural | Vegan | Pharmacognosy | Gender-free | Cruelty- free | Fair-trade | Category-less

Qualia is also plantable! Instructions on how to use and ingredients list come in a seeded paper.

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All You Want. All You Need. Use it Everyday. All Over.

Welcome to a new era of beauty and sustainability

Qualia's Calendula flower -our key and sign ingredient

The mission is to REDUCE the amount of products we use and shift towards a minimalist, effective and more responsible consumption. 

Build a sustainable relationship with your skin.

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