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    For Naturally Glowing Skin


One Formula Tailor-Made to Your Skin

Stop substituting what your skin does naturally with multiple products!

Use only one formula that will cleanse, moisturise, balance your skin and target all your concerns, all at ONCE!

We want to help you have MORE WITH LESS.

Effective All-Purpose Skincare Targeting Your Unique Needs

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Powered by Nature, Backed by Science

We are Minimalists, Organic and Sustainable

100% Natural | Vegan | Pharmacognosy | Gender-free | Cruelty- free | Fair-trade | Category-less

Qualia is also plantable! Instructions on how to use and ingredients list come in a seeded paper.

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Welcome to a new era of beauty and sustainability

Qualia's Calendula flower -our key and sign ingredient

The mission is to REDUCE the amount of products we use and shift towards a minimalist, effective and more responsible consumption. 

Build a sustainable relationship with your skin.

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