How to Stop Skin Aging

Remember that skin aging is not necessarily about how old are you, but how you protect (or not) and preserve a healthy-looking, functioning skin! Download this e-book to learn how to stop skin aging and protect your skin holistically. 

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This is an extensive, yet digestible e-book covering skin health and how to support and preserve its appearance and functions

We cover everything from all the main skin aging mechanisms, to the best science-backed nutrition, supplements and lifestyle tips! 

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We Take a Holistic Approach to Skin Aging

What to Expect from this E-book:

A science-backed exploration to everything we know about skin ageing and how to prevent it. We will be covering: 

1. Introduction to the Skin Functions and Skin Barrier: 

In order to understand how to stop skin aging, we must know how the skin works, so that we can preserve its appearance and essential functions. 

2. Skin Ageing Types and Mechanisms: 

There are different types of skin ageing and multiple processes involved. We highlight the most important and relevant ones so you can avoid all the triggers. 

3. Nutrition & Supplementation: 

We take a deep dive into the ingredients, supplements or nutrients that have been proven to massively help with skin aging and, preventing or reversing damage. We also talk about best practices when it comes to diet habits. 

4. Lifestyle Tips: 

There's more to skincare than products and nutrition, we highlight what habits or acitivities can improve and preserve skin's health as we age. 

5. Summary: 
We put it all our tips together and show you how to support your skin both internally and externally. 

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