Why You Should Replace Face Wash with Qualia | Cleansing Oil

Why You Should Replace Face Wash with Qualia | Cleansing Oil

Celia Tugores
3 minute read

Use your formula whenever you want to cleanse, moisturise and refresh

Qualia is made with 100% botanical ingredients, with no synthetic ingredients or preservatives of any kind, and a substitute for traditional face wash. It is carefully formulated for you through our online skin quiz, aiming to bring balance, protection and radiance to your skin. All the formulas we create are lightweight and easily absorbed, with a heavenly grounding smell; leaving the skin always naturally glowy and radiant.

Our formulas are holistically cleansing, protecting and balancing and we recommend using Qualia to replace face-wash. Here's why you should replace your normal face wash now!

Can I really use my formula as face wash?

Absolutely, the formula is truly cleansing and balancing and it is an amazing holistic alternative to traditional face wash. While it is all-natural and and oil-based, it really works very well, we promise! 

We have been constantly told that we need to use face wash, cleansers and then more lotions, toners, moisturisers and a never-ending list of skincare products. But is this really what our skin needs?

When we use traditional face wash or cleansers (even if they marketed as the gentlest kind), it strips off the natural oils of your skin and therefore removing its natural barrier, which makes the skin dry and irritated. We then replace our skin's natural oils with moisturisers and lotions that contain emollients, fragrances, allergens and preservatives. To compensate what has been stripped away, the skin will often try to rebalance by overproducing more oils, which can be the cause of breakouts, acne and oily skins. It can also trigger allergies and skin reactions since the skin is left unprotected. 

So rather than taking away your protective oil barrier, your Qualia skin formula will balance with your skin's natural oils, bringing cleansing, healing and targeted benefits. Imagine your formula just as a natural part of your skin barrier, which helps cleanse, defense and protect instead of replacing it completely. 

With our formulas, we allow the skin to have More with Less. To be naturally balanced. Even on days where you don't use anything at all, your skin will still be as healthy as ever. Wherever and whenever, Qualia will help you balance your skin. 

This is one of the best things about our formulas. Having a worry-less skincare. Escaping that feeling that your skin will breakout if you skip your normal skin routine, or changing your habits. With Qualia, your skin can break free from this cycle of being stripped of its own defenses, which then creates many more problems.

This is the reason why Qualia also works very well for people with oily skin complexions, dealing with acne and breakouts. Our oils for such complexions are high in linoleic acid which helps restore the natural skin barrier and also contains many compounds that have been proven to fight acne and skin mutations.

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